Sunday, 4 May 2014

HMS Hood Footage - Colour & Battle

HMS Hood in Colour
There is no doubt that hood was filmed a lot over her early career,listed below is the rare colour footage, For many years we only had 20 seconds of colour, now we have almost 16 mins, along with the Prinz Eugen battle footage this really marks the end...unless some cans are hiding in a loft somewhere, there is the World Cruise footage, I do know that hood features very little in it.

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1930 -1935

1930 - 1935
More than enough to make a DVD.?One of my favourite Hood eras, she really has managed to capture the public's imagination around this time,
Even though some of the footage I've found shows only a passing glimpse I still think its worth having as part of her history, I hope you agree.

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1922 -1929

1922 - 1929
It seems quite a lot was filmed during the 1922 Brazil trip but nothing much on the World Cruise? I do like the Navy reviews of the time and the excitement created by the Hood just being there.

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1920 -1922

1920 - 1922
Finally British Pathe have moved some 85,000 videos over to YouTube with the added bonus of not having that horrid 'copyright - for preview only' across the bottom of the screen, but this time we have a nice logo on the top right, not interfering with the quality of the footage..also we can change the quality settings in YouTube.

Here is hopefully in some type of order (correction welcome), as much HMS Hood related footage, even the small bits, there just as important and we don't want to loose them.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fortnightly Issues again!!!!

Just had this bit of information from my newsagent -

The Hood pt 125 on sale 26th Feb will revert to fortnightly frequency from Pt 125 - 130, it will revert back to weekly from Pt 131.

To say this is a joke is an understatement!!!!!talk about stretching it out... So this stretches the weeks even further.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Latest additions - January 2014

Well its all over and were back to work (don't all cry out at once), the good news is the magazine is now up to 117 and it looks like some superstructure, I'm taking a guess at some aft superstructure, but it's all MDF so far, lets wait and see next week.
I've just been looking over these parts and have worked out what they are, its the lower part of the conning tower, the small 'coming in issue 118' picture shows what looks like a deck part, so I've had a look at the 'Tehnoart' model and its show a different coloured decking. (see picture below) This is of course wrong, the 2 picture's inset are from 1: Colin Vass (left) and 2: Nick Dogger (right), they show the correct colour, which can be found on the 'Association' web site
III. AP507B– Home Fleet Medium Grey/Bridge decks:
  • Bridge decks: The lowest two decks were likely still covered in corticene. The colour would be somewhat faded. Suggest dulling/lightening the corticene colour with a grey colour. Try to approximate the colour of "chocolate milk." The upper bridge decks may have been covered with corticene, weathered semtex (see description below) or with dark grey paint (AP507A).

I think its worth bringing this up now just in case you commit to adding a lighter/teak coloured deck and build around it, then, it would be too late. Let's see on Wednesday to confirm what I've just said..huh (fingers crossed)

I did manage to get some goodies over Christmas, first a great Airbrush Spray Booth, I really wanted this for all those small bits we have been getting (what seems like forever), and a great little book  "Super Drawings In 3D" by Stefan Draminski, yes there are some errors, but there will always be errors unless they are produced by some well known authors or by the 'Association' but for a guide to adding those extra details and using this in conjunction with the 'Association's' web site it could be invaluable.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Build update!!..2014 onwards

I have not given up, unfortunately the company (Hatchette) have in their wisdom supplied small deck parts up till now and as such finishing the hull would become a problem due to turn the model upside down, I have decided to wait until the hull parts (prop and rudder ect) have been supplied, this may be right at the end, I will have to live with that, but saying that I will probably start making the smaller parts as separate little models.

Thank you for your patience, I have every intention of completing this model, so far the collection is on 117, with 23 more weeks/issues to go, the latest has finally shown some superstructure!!

Once we get Christmas and the New Year celebration out of the way plus my 3rd grandchild (Jack) delivered safely then building can commence. So by July 2014 all the parts will be completed.

Happy New Year.